• Mentoring
    The Next Generation
    New Life is a not-for-profit voluntary welfare
    organisation. We depend on Volunteers & Donors,
    our Twin-Resource Engine to keep the work going.
  • New Life Childcare
    Nurturing Wholesome Children in Partnership with Families and the Community
  • New Life Children
    Love Children by Mentoring them to become Character Champions
  • New Life Youth
    Building Character & Developing Resilience in Youths 
    Through Life-Transforming Purpose
  • New Life Casework
    & Counselling
    Promoting Social Change and Empowerment to Individual, 
    Families and Communities to Enhance Their Well-Being

What We Do

New Life Childcare


We believe in partnering with parents in the growth and development of the children

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New Life Children & Student Care

Children & Student Care

New Life Children & Student Care is a children’s before-and-after-school centre to nurture each child in a CARED environment

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New Life Children Programmes

Children Programmes 

New Life Children Programmes is a specialised service catered for children 7 to 12 years old in the community.

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nlcs 102


New Life Youth aims to engage youths to positively impact them, empowering them to build character and develop resilience

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New Life Remedial and Counselling Services

Casework & Counselling

It aims to strengthens students' social and emotional resilience, as well as help parents...

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