P.A.N.D.A Champs is an acronym for Perseverance, Acts of Love, eNcouragement, Discipline and Accepting Differences.


It is a character programme designed for students from New Life Children & Student Care to help them develop desirable traits, foster good relationships, set goals and make good decisions. It also seeks to increase children’s self-awareness, improve their interaction with family, friends and others as well as provide opportunities for them to accept responsibilities.


P.A.N.D.A Champs aims for children to…


  • Develop discipline
    and self-control
  • Learn to be patient with one another and persevere
  • Show love and care for themselves and others
  • Be gracious and appreciative


  • June & Nov/Dec school holidays
  • Tue & Thu: 10am – 12pm


P1 to P4




10 Jelapang Road
Singapore 677740

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