When her husband passed away, Mdm Aqilah (not her real name) worked as a cleaner to support her two children. She had to move out of her home and rent a room while paying for her daughter’s expensive school fees. The Member of Parliament from her constituency helped her to obtain a rental flat and referred her to New Life Community Services.  

New Life not only provided financial assistance for her daughter’s school fees, but gave academic support to both her children so that they might secure a better future through education. Her daughter is on our volunteer tuition support programme, while her youngest child attends Steady Readers to improve his English. Because of our support, Mdm Aqilah was very motivated to work hard and increase her monthly salary.  

There are many others like Mdm Aqilah out there who need someone to go the extra mile for them. Hence, New Life Charity Cycle aims to raise $100,000 to serve disadvantaged children, youths, families and seniors in the community. Funds raised will also go towards supporting New Life’s expansion into the areas of intergenerational programmes and inclusive student care and childcare for neurodiverse children.

From 28 May to 6 September, participants may cycle any distance, with a maximum of 10 rides to be uploaded. Register with a one-time donation fee of $30, and fundraise for the event using personalised donation pages or make a general donation at the event website. You may fundraise as an individual or as a team. Registration opens on 28 May!

Through the work that we do, we want to give people like Mdm Aqilah and her family not just provision for today’s needs, but hope for a better future. Riding with us will help to raise awareness and funds for our cause. Rally your friends and support our work together as we reach out to those in need!

Will you go the extra mile with us?

28 May - 06 Sep 2022
Ride at your
own timing

Ride as far as you can within 10 rides


Choose your preferred outdoor route

How do I sign up?

Step 1

Please sign up individually here. You will receive a confirmation mail that consist the link (a) to upload your ride data & (b) to join a team.

Sign Up Here

Step 2

For those who are forming your team (with family or friends), go to your individual confirmation mail link to enter the AGREED team name (max 5 members only). The team will appear in the website page subsequently. Each individual can only join one team.

Step 3

Go cycle! This is a virtual event so no predetermined route. PCN, road, pavements all eligible. You can get together with your team members to cycle together at your own time and pace.

Submit your rides individually using the upload link. Note that only 10 uploads are allowed.

(Most Important Step) Send the donation links (individual/team) to your friends, families, colleagues to raise funds for New Life! Attractive prizes to be won for the most funds raised!

Step 4

Make a general donation or donate to a specific rider or team here.

To make a general donation, click on the general donation button at the top of the page.

To donate to an individual rider, find and click on the rider’s name. For team donations, you can donate to any rider from the team.


Co-Partners & Sponsors

For more info, please email [email protected]